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I am a pastor, an artist, and a phD student..

My Dissertation Blunder and the Geek Bliss Fix

I defended the dissertation last Friday. That was an interesting experience. It was, for the most part, a very life-giving and affirming event. There were a couple moments when I felt like I was getting punched in the gut, but, I guess that’s part of the process. (think Klingon pain stick ritual)

The three members of my panel each played different roles—a sort of Trinitarian thing. They were all very affirming to begin their statements, but then each played a different nuance of the grill-the-Candidate game. I might write about their different approaches in another post. read more

The Final Post for Deep in the Burbs

I created to chronicle the research and writing of a PhD dissertation. The dissertation is PhinisheD and the degree earned…and there was much rejoicing!

Now it is time to say goodbye to this site. It will remain online indefinitely as an artifact of the project. I knew this day would come, so about a year ago I transferred the site to my personal website,, and began multicasting to both sites. In other words, everything on the deepintheburbs site is on my site. read more