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This category will track the development of the Dissertation Proposal as I work through the class designed to help me accomplish this task.

Please Pray, My Dissertation Proposal Goes Up for Approval Today

If you happen to see this and think about it today, please pray. The monthly meeting of the Leadership department at Luther Seminary meets today. One item on their agenda is whether or not they will approval my Thesis Proposal. This approval is the final step in the process of releasing me to officially pursue my dissertation research on my own.

An Introduction to the Deep in the Burbs Project in Plain English

this is a sketch I did early on in the planning phases of the project.
this is a sketch I did early on in the planning phases of the project.

This research is interested in the intersection of three things: Spiritual Formation, the Trinity, and the Suburbs. There is also a fourth thing that is less of an intersection and more of a bias from which the entire conversation is viewed. This bias is the Missional Church.

In other words, I want to know if the Trinity has any impact or connection to how suburban people—specifically people in suburban ELCA congregations—think about and practice spiritual formation. I ask the question because I am interested in the missional church and I believe the recent conversation about the Trinity, and its connection to the missional imagination, is an extremely important topic for the life, health, and future of the ELCA in the suburban context. read more