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Which Direction is Your Faith?

Trinitarian Time

Many times people say things like, “We need to get back to the basics,” or, “I wish we could go back to the good old days.” or, “we need to get back to Jesus, or the early church.”

I understand the sentiment, but, I wonder. Can you ever go back? Is that the direction God calls us to move?

This sketch looks at the Trinity and time. God the Creator promised life and continually expanded that promise throughout the story of the Old Testament. That promise became enfleshed when the second person of the Trinity became the man, Jesus, who fulfilled God’s promise with the demonstration of absolute love through his death on the Cross. This practice of love showed us the way of God in practice through selfless love for the other. read more

Embodied Theology

god sexuality and the selfI was reading God, Sexuality, and the Self by Sarah Coakley today. Chapter Four, “The Charismatic Constituency: Embarrassment or Riches?” reports her ethnographic research of two Charismatic congregations in a University town in England. The chapter itself was fascinating in that it provided a helpful example of how to do Trinitarian theology with social science methodology in local congregations. This is the heart of my research, so it is always beneficial when I can find a respectable example from which to draw precedent. read more

The Digital Version of the Dissertation is Finished

Deep in the Burbs LogoOK, nothing on the web is every really finished. Plus, I am a compulsive tinkerer when it comes to my website. Yet, I have successfully posted every piece of my dissertation on the site, along with four years worth of research. If you would like to read the dissertation in its text-based, linear form, view the Table of Contents and click away! Otherwise, the Deep in the Burbs website is designed to let you, the reader, explore the data in your own way. Enjoy!