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Here I reflect on the process of research, how it is impacting me, and how I may be impacting it.

A Happy Little Scholar Moment

I am an emerging scholar. In other words, I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing and I get really happy when something works and seems scholarly. Something like that happened to me last night.

I am working on my dissertation proposal right now. The first part of the proposal lays out the theoretical lenses that frame my research. One of my lenses is Robert Kegan’s theory of the five orders of consciousness. In the proposal I wrote

“Kegan’s theory intertwines well with other important theoretical and theological frames for my research, namely communicative action, Trinitarian relational ontology, and Social Trinity.” read more

Quantitative Relief

I had a big breakthrough in my dissertation proposal development today. My advisor, Dr. Mary Hess, helped me narrow down my research methodology.niwill not be doing any quantitative surveys or ethnographic interviewing. The research will be pure Participatory Action
Research that involves cohorts from three congregations over the course of one year.

I’ll post the revised methodology section soon.

Dissertation Proposal Finished!!

Today I cross another waypoint along the road to a PhD. I have written my dissertation proposal. I don’t get to officially submit it until after I pass the comprehensive exams in September. You can read the pdf here. The Prezi on the home page is the public presentation I gave on Monday in class.

Special thanks to Dr. Alvin Luedke for guiding us through this process. We couldn’t have done it without your patience and wisdom.