Confronted with an Urban Reality

I read this blog post today and it gave me pause. What happens in my spirit when I read this through the filter of suburban spirituality? On the one hand I have the immediate response, thinking that we are so spoiled and sheltered in the suburbs. No wonder the “real” Christians are doing the hard core urban ministry. I’m just a wimp.

That may be (probably is) true.

On the other hand, I push back against that thought and remind myself that violence and oppressive systems take on many shapes and faces. True, the chances of a shooting on my block are infinitesimally smaller than the blogger’s chances. For that I am thankful. However, the drug deals, family violence, and self-destructive behavior, while perhaps not as obvious, are painfully deep and present in my suburban context.

God’s shalom is needed in every neighborhood. May we all find it as God’s Spirit moves and stirs it up among us.