Creating Footnotes in Blog Posts Using WP-Footnotes Plugin

Today I decided that I want the footnotes in my WordPress blog posts to actually work. Up to this point I have been pasting directly from Word. This method creates footnotes and hyperlinks, but the hyperlinks don’t actually go anywhere.1 This will not suffice if I want my site to be a useful academic tool. So, like any good WordPress user, I hunted around through the wonderful world of the WordPress plugins library. I found a few hopefuls, but landed on one that is really simple to use and seems to work well. It is called WP-Footnote.

All you have to do is put the text of your footnote–((inside a double parenthesis))2. If you put a space between the last character and the first parenthesis, then whatever is inside the double parentheses will appear in the footnote.3

Now, when I quote a source, like Theories of Culture4 I simply switch over to Endnote, right click on the resource, choose “Copy Formatted”, and paste it in-between the double parentheses. Viola, a functional footnote.5

You can choose a few options, like placing an automatic header above the section which holds the footnotes.6 One feature that I like is that when you hover over a footnote it will display the content of the footnote in a flyout box.7 It also has the nice feature of creating a return link at the end of the footnote that allows the reader to return to the text and continue reading. The code does all that work for you. Very nice.

  1. Basically, it’s all dressed up and has no where to go []
  2. I put that — in there so that it wouldn’t turn it into a footnote. clever, right? []
  3. it really is that easy []
  4. Tanner, Kathryn. Theories of Culture: A New Agenda for Theology Guides to Theological Inquiry. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1997. []
  5. that makes me happy []
  6. You’ll see that I chose that option below []
  7. if you are reading this in a small yellow box, then you tried it. Good job []