Deep in the Burbs Gets a Makeover

cropped-DITB-Banner.jpgI had an inspirational conversation with my advisor–Dr. Mary Hess–this week. She is strongly encouraging me to create my dissertation in a visual format. A first step toward this is to make the Deep in the Burbs website my working, online dissertation. I streamlined some things and, hopefully, made this site less of a chaotic blog, and more of an interactive document. Start by clicking on Introduction, and then follow the logic.

I also decided to highlight the four topics that might be more attractive to the general user–meaning pastors and church leaders–in the boxes. These topics are Spiritual Formation, The Trinity, Missional Church, and The Suburbs. Most people aren’t that interested in cognitive developmental theories, philosophical hermeneutics, and relational ontology, but, hey, if you are, then there’s plenty of that here, too!

Let me know if this works for you.