Diving into NVivo this Week

nvivo-mac-bannerI had originally thought that I would use NVivo to code my qualitative data. NVivo did not have a Mac application last year when I started investigating it, so I didn’t know what to do. They did have a Mac version in Beta, so I put myself on a watch list and kept looking for software. That’s when I found Dedoose.com. It is an online application designed for mixed methods research. It seemed perfect and I started uploading my early data back in March.

Then Dedoose CRASHED and everyone using it lost their data! Not good.

I got spooked. NVivo released their full Mac version, so I bit the bullet and purchased a twelve-month license.

This week I loaded all my data into NVivo and began learning the software. It is really nice and I’m starting to get into a rhythm. Now that I have completed a solid first draft of the introduction and theoretical/theological framing of my dissertation, I can spend the next four months slowly dwelling in and coding the data. The research project is officially done on November 17th. I hope to have all the data processed by the end of November so that I can write the final dissertation in December and January!

It’s getting closer!!!!