Four More Goslings!

I saw four new goslings at the pond today. First, I saw two pair of geese that did not have any goslings. Then I saw the pair with five goslings. I assume they are the same five I saw last week. Then, a little further down the pond, another pair of geese waddled along with four little, yellow fluff balls sputtered along between them. 

Both families slid through the reeds, into the pond, and made a smooth path to the other side of the lake as I approach. There were no trios today. I wonder where those third wheels went? Were they protecting, competing, or just left out?

Two women walked toward me, coming the other direction on the bike path. I was standing, looking at the geese as they came closer. I pointed to the geese and said, “Four more little ones.” They commented on how they had seen some in another place earlier. We shared some small talk and moved on. 

Hmmm…why did I talk to them? I didn’t know them. I had never seen them before today. And yet, I felt the compulsion to point out my geese to them. I should meditate more on that thought. Nature gives us humans something in common that can start a conversation. Conversation is a big part of connection. 

2 thoughts on “Four More Goslings!”

  1. It’s sad that there many in cities, well populated cities, who are lonely. No geese or goslings to help them start conversation. We have technology, or is that development, to thank for that.

  2. So true. And yet, without technology I would not have a brother from Nigeria with which to communicate. Strange, isn’t it? I hope all is well with you.

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