Half Way Through Phase One

The Deep in the Burbs Research Team has met three times out of the six scheduled meetings in Phase One of the project. We talked about the Social Trinity this past Monday. I created a series of videos designed to introduce the conversation around the Trinity as it has developed in Western Culture.

I must say that it was a very different dynamic from the first two meetings. Those meetings consisted of dynamic small group conversations, based on Peter Block’s 1-3-6 priniciple1 . This past meeting we watched a video, reflected individually, and then jumped right to large group discussion. It was amazing to see how some people in the group never spoke once.

We will return to the 1-3-6 method for the remainder of the sessions. The goal is to co-create a vision of a preferred future, and a practical, achievable project that will help us move in that direction.

This post has the four videos, plus a Prezi that goes more in depth with an illustrated timeline and an extended, illustrated bibliography. It also has the Prezi that discusses the Hermeneutical shift in the 20th century.

Next week we will begin the discussion of what kind of project we can do over the next few months that might create new possibilities for spiritual formation in the suburbs.

It has been a fun process so far. It is a great group of people and very encouraging to see people from three congregations working so well together.

  1. This is the process of inviting people to process a question individually, then in groups of three, then in groups of six. It allows everyone to contribute and feel empowered. read more… []

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  1. The method you have chosen of community co creation for future building looks solid to me. It is not the typical approach but makes perfect sense to me.

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