Missio Trinitatis | The Family Mission | Great Idea from Mike Breen

Twitter has proven to be a helpful tool for research. This morning proved that again. I was trolling through my Twitter feed and came across a tweet from Mike Breen over at 3DM. The title caught my eye, “Why the Missional Conversation Must Change.”

His article proposes that we stop talking about missio Dei (the mission of God) and start talking about missio Trinitatis (the mission of the Trinity). Music to my ears.

read Mike’s article…

3 thoughts on “Missio Trinitatis | The Family Mission | Great Idea from Mike Breen”

  1. First thoughts, before reading the other article, I didn’t see the need to specifically say trinity instead of God, but I have long thoughtf of the three as one. Also, I get what he is saying, and I like the idea of going out as a family, but maybe I’m not getting what he means. Is he saying going out equipped with the trinity, with my family (be it my actual family or my spiritual family) and what does the real life application look like most importantly?
    Maybe I just need some coffee to understand. I’m looking forward to having these discussions in a few weeks. 🙂

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