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Book | The Action Research Dissertation

authors: Kathryn Herr
Gary L. Anderson

“unlike traditional dissertations that insist on a dispassionate, distanced attitude toward one’s research, acction research is often chosen by doctoral students because they are passionate about their topic, theiir setting, and coparticipants.” (xvii)

“action research is inherently interdisciplinary and seldom fits neatly into the norms of a particular discipline or field.” (2)

“The approach is only Action Research when it is collaborative, though it is important to realize that the Action Research of the group is achieved through the critically examined action of the individual group members.” (4-5) read more

Research Team Recruiting is Underway

The core research for the Deep in the Burbs project is based on Participatory Action Research Methodology. Last Thursday the final congregation signed onto the project. Now the objective is to recruit one group of 8-12 people from three different congregations, comprising a team of 24-36 people total.

The listening/exploring sessions begin on February 24, so I need to get this team assembled. If you are interested in joining the team, click the button below.