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Article | The Study of Spirituality by Philip Sheldrake

The study of spirituality Philip Sheldrake – Annotated

This article explores the relationship between the academic study of Spirituality with that of Theology.

“This suggests that spirituality has a unique capacity to integrate the multiple disciplines of theology which have become fragmented or even mutually suspicious.” (170)

“Spirituality offers a critique of attempts by theology to launch itself into some stratosphere of timeless truth or abstract definition. The way that spirituality ‘speaks’ of God is radically different from systematics. Theology needs to allow its explanations to be questioned. It will find that spirituality recognizes that what is implied by the word ‘God’ cannot be spoken completely. In that way ‘spirituality’ prevents theology from escaping the elusiveness that matters most – that of God. Spirituality ultimately drives theology beyond words into silence – not the silence of meaninglessness but one that, paradoxically, speaks of infinite presence.” (170)
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Article | Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City by Philip Sheldrake

Sheldrake, Philip. “Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City.” Spiritus 9, no. 2 (2009): 137-156.

“To be human embodies a common life and a common task…it is important to note the intimate link between human identity and a Trinitarian theology of God.” (138)
This article is important for my work. It addresses some of my main points: Trinity, Augustine, space and place, urban/suburban planning, interiority and exteriority in spirituality.



Article | Critical Interiority by Mary Frohlich

Critical Interiority by Mary Frohlich my annotated copy

The discipline of studying spirituality deals with:

  1. What we know
  2. How we know
  3. How we deal with “unknowing”

Definition of Christian Spirituality: The living and concrete human person in dynamic transformation toward the fullness of life in

Interiority is the sine qua non of having “experiences”

Spirituality as a discipline does not directly deal with the metaphysical explanation of such events; rather, spirituality deals with the stories of such events and the choices they engender in concrete human lives. read more

Article | Appropriating the Divine Presence: Reading Augustine’s On the Trinity as a Transformative Text by Edward Howells

Appropriating the Divine Presence Reading Augustine as Transformative my annotated copy

This article contributes to my case that I must delve deeply into Augustine’s On The Trinity. The paper I wrote back in the spring is proving to be a bit prophetic for the course of study. Here Howells helps me understand Augustine’s pre-modern understanding of the relationality of the trinitarian persons and the better understanding of interiority.

Dr. Edward Howells is a lecturer in Christian Spirituality at Heythrop College at the University of London read more