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Book | Conformed to His Image by Kenneth Boa

conformed to his image

Boa, Kenneth. Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2001.

Ken-BoaAuthor: Kenneth Boa

Boa outlines twelve distinct types of Christian spiritualities. He describes them each as facets to the diamond that is Christian Spirituality. The chart below provides a helpful visualization of the landscape that Boa has mapped out for us.

Boa’s Twelve Facets

Facet 1—Relational Spirituality: Loving God Completely, Ourselves Correctly, and Others Compassionately

Facet 2—Paradigm Spirituality: Cultivating an Eternal versus a Temporal Perspective read more

Great Definition of Christian Spirituality from Schneiders and Green

Sandra Schneiders defines spirituality as the ‘experience of conscious involvement in the project of life-integration through self-transcendence toward the ultimate value one perceives,’ which for Christians is the triune God revealed in Jesus, approached via the paschal mystery and the church community and lived through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Her understanding implies the radical capacity of the human spirit to engage God’s Spirit and the importance of Scripture to mediate the foundational revelation and to supply the basic symbol system into which each individual and communal Christian story is integrated1 Christian spirituality begins as Jesus, steeped in the rich Jewish tradition of divine self-disclosure, interacts with those who respond to him; and that experience is converted into language and shared with others. read more

  1. Schneiders, Sandra. “The Study of Christian Spirituality: Contours and dynamics of a Discipline” Christian Spirituality Bulletin. 6(1). 1998. 1, 3-21. []

Article | A Trinitarian Perspective on Christian Spirituality by Mark McIntosh

blackwell companion to christian spiritualityMark McIntosh’s work is important to my research. He has done an incredible job of connecting Trinitarian theology to spirituality. This is obviously important to my research question in which I ask how an increased awareness of social Trinity might impact spiritual formation.

Holdmcintosher, Arthur, ed. The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality Blackwell Companions to Religion. Oxford; Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub., 2005.

Chapter 10
Trinitarian Perspectives on Christian Spirituality by Mark A. McIntosh read more

Book | Minding the Spirit edited by Elizabeth Dreyer and Mark Burrows


Dreyer, Elizabeth and Mark S. Burrows, editors. Minding the Spirit: The Study of Christian Spirituality. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.

The following Prezi is a visual way to interact with the notes that come below it. I created this Prezi during an independent study with Dr. Mary Hess in the Fall of 2012.

My Notes


  1. A.Definition: the daily lived aspect of one’s faith commitment in terms of values and behaviors; how one appropriates beliefs about God and the world; the process of conscious integration and transformation of one’s life; the journey of self-transcendence; the depth dimension of all human existence; a dialectic that moves one from the inauthentic to the authentic and from the individual to the communal; the quest for ultimate value and meaning. this broader focus can include elements that are explicitly religious, such as prayer, spiritual disciplines, sacraments, retreats,, worship, and Bible reading. A particularly Christian spirituality is on that involves conscious discipleship, opening oneself to grace in the generosity of the Creator, through the love of God, by the grace of Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Spirit. (XV)
  2. Walter Principe’s three-tiered definition of spirituality:
    1. actual lived experience: attitudes, dispositions, and practices of daily Christian existence.
    2. communal aspects: experienced in the family, parish, or congregation. geographically or culturally located. i.e. Lutheran, Anglican, Augustinian, Carmelite, etc.
    3. formal reflection: academic reflection on the practice and meaning of the spiritual life.

    Christian Spirituality:

    • Triune God
    • Lived Gospel for the World
    • Means of self-transcendence – personal and social transformation that is self-implicating

    Historical Overview

    • sapiential approach
    • rise of dualism: spirit vs. matter

    “Reason came to be seen as a surer way than the imagination to encounter and speak about God.” (XIV)

    “Systematic theology became the “real” theology of the academy, no longer tethered to the messy world of the community’s lived faith.” (XIV) read more