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A Conversation about Dwelling in the Word from the Research Team

DITB-LogoRoots.jpgThis post is an experiment in using the raw data from our Deep in the Burbs Research Team. This is a verbatim transcript of a conversation the team had at the end of our seventh team meeting. We spent at least 45 minutes in each session in a group spiritual practice called Dwelling in the Word. We spent three weeks on John 14:15-24, three weeks on John 15:1-17, and one week on John 16:5-15.

The names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the group. Mine is still labeled “Steve” so you can see how I interacted with the group. read more

The Church is Invited to Listen, Discern, and Follow

It is with these two models in mind that I would like to propose what a missional engagement with the Word of God might be. We encounter the Word of God in three ways: in scripture, in communication, and in the world. We are then invited to listen to this word, discern the voice of God from the voices that move contrary to God, tend to the community, and be ready to move when the Spirit moves.

The three forms in which the Word of God speaks are not distinctive, separate modes, but are interdependent media that are at once separate and definable while also entangled and interdependent.[1] It is helpful, albeit somewhat artificial, to address them separately. We are called to dwell[2] in the Scripture, to dwell in the community, and to dwell in the world.[3] read more