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How I Discovered that 777 is the Number of the Trinity

Ernest Simmons showed a picture of a Moebius Triangle to depict the superposition of the persons of the Trinity.1

Moebius Triangle

At first I saw the mind-bending three-dimensional interplay (focus on each corner and you’ll see that it shifts in your perception), but then I noticed something else. This is actually three number 7s interlocked.

I decided to test my theory by constructing my own Moebius triangle in Adobe Illustrator. Here are the steps I took. read more

  1. Simmons, Ernest L. The Entangled Trinity: Quantum Physics and Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014. 152. []

Book | The Entangled Trinity by Ernest Simmons

The Entangled TrinitySimmons, Ernest L. The Entangled Trinity: Quantum Physics and Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press. 2014.

I need to give a special thanks to my friend, Pastor Kevin Doely, for recommending this book.

simmons-ernie_0990The Author: Ernest Simmons

My Summary

Ernest Simmons proposes that Entangled Trinitarian Panentheism is the most helpful model for discussing God and the God-World relationship in the context of the twenty-first century Modern/late modern West. He pursues this proposal in three movements. First, he frames his argument in terms of faith, knowledge, and theology. Second, he traces a brief history of the Trinitarian theological conversation in the West. Finally, he borrows from quantum physics to draw an analogy that provides a plausible framework for a Trinitarian model that is both palatable to the natural physicist and congruent with the biblical Christian Tradition. read more

How Do We Navigate Between Opposite Extremes…and Survive?

Regarding Dualisms

artwork credit: sarahweinmeier.wordpress.com

It seems that no matter where you turn in life you run into them. Dualisms. A dualism is when you find two polar opposite options to a single question that both have evidence for being correct. This is true in theology. Is Jesus God or human? Is it predestination or free will? Is reality physical or spiritual? Is God three or one? The answer to these questions seems to be “yes” but then common sense tells us that you can’t say “yes” to both options.

These dualisms are not found only in the musings of theologians. They are everywhere. Republicans vs. Democrats. Big Government vs. Free Enterprise. Conservatives vs. Liberals. American Military vs. Terrorists. I am right vs. you are wrong. The tensions between party lines are real and the way we navigate these tensions has global implications. So, this essay is not merely a mental exercise, but is motivated by seeking God’s peace in the world. read more