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Paper | A Presentation on Hans-Georg Gadamer

Hans-Georg Gadamer | by Steve Thomason | A Term Paper | Presented to Dr. Craig Van Gelder | Luther Seminary | As a Requirement in Course LD8910 The Hermeneutics of Leading in Mission | St. Paul, Minnesota | 2011

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oldGadamerHans-Georg Gadamer was born in 1900 and died in 2002. One could say that he was truly a man of the 20th century. This is fitting since his life and work demonstrated the transitional nature of the 20th century as the academic disciplines made a turn from Enlightenment thinking to a postmodern sensibility. Gadamer’s presentation of philosophical hermeneutics was one of the pivotal contributions that brought about that turn. read more

Why Talk About Frames?

Academic types like to talk about frames a lot, at least in my neck of the woods. “Let’s reframe that question.” “Allow me to frame this for you.” You’ll notice that I use the term in my main menu. I discuss the Theoretical Frames, Theological Frames, and the Biblical Frames of my research project.

FramesWhat is a frame, and what do I mean when I say it? The term frame brings three very different images to my mind. The first is a picture frame, or the boundaries in which a photographer/painter captures an image. A picture frame is limited and cannot capture the entire three-dimensional reality it seeks to describe. When taken this way, what is left outside of the frame is as important as what is captured in the frame.1 read more

  1. Jolyon Mitchell provides an excellent discussion of this use of frames. Mitchell, Jolyon P. Media Violence and Christian Ethics New Studies in Christian Ethics. Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. See the illustrations at the bottom of this post for a discussion of this book. []