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Article | Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City by Philip Sheldrake

Sheldrake, Philip. “Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City.” Spiritus 9, no. 2 (2009): 137-156.

“To be human embodies a common life and a common task…it is important to note the intimate link between human identity and a Trinitarian theology of God.” (138)
This article is important for my work. It addresses some of my main points: Trinity, Augustine, space and place, urban/suburban planning, interiority and exteriority in spirituality.



Article | Critical Interiority by Mary Frohlich

Critical Interiority by Mary Frohlich my annotated copy

The discipline of studying spirituality deals with:

  1. What we know
  2. How we know
  3. How we deal with “unknowing”

Definition of Christian Spirituality: The living and concrete human person in dynamic transformation toward the fullness of life in

Interiority is the sine qua non of having “experiences”

Spirituality as a discipline does not directly deal with the metaphysical explanation of such events; rather, spirituality deals with the stories of such events and the choices they engender in concrete human lives. read more