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God in the Immanent Frame | Reflections on the latest PHD Comic and the Higgs Boson Field

I love PHD Comics. Jorge Cham does an excellent job of explaining complex topics–usually in the field of physics–through engaging comic book illustrations. Last year he published an animation that sought to describe the Higgs Boson field. The comic below tells the story of how he got it wrong and was corrected by a physicist.

I post this comic because it relates to my recent interaction with Charles Taylor’s book A Secular Age and the Immanent Frame. Taylor suggests that our current, Western, late-modern culture is dominated by the Immanent Frame: the belief that the only reality is that which can be observed empirically and rationally explained through mathematical equations. Physics and physicists have become the theologians of our era. This comic is a good example of how this plays out. read more