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Searching for a way out of hell: mental complexity, wellbeing, and Bob’s Big Idea : RSA blogs

A new Twitter connection sent me a link the other day to this presentation by Robert Kegan:

Searching for a way out of hell: mental complexity, wellbeing, and Bob’s Big Idea : RSA blogs.

Be sure to check out the podcast attached to this blogpost. Here Kegan discusses the fifth order of consciousness further than he has before.

I think Kegan’s concepts here are connected to social Trinitarian theology, relational ontology, the importance of listening in theology, and are key to constructing a missional theology.
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Book | Transforming Mission by David Bosch

transforming-mission-bosch-david-j-9780883447192Bosch, David Jacobus. Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission American Society of Missiology Series. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1991.

The Author

Early life

[from Wikipedia article] Bosch was born in KurumanCape ProvinceSouth Africa, and died in a motor accident in 1992, aged 62. He was raised in a nationalist Afrikaner home with little regard for his nation’s black citizens and in 1948 when the National Party (South Africa) came to power and began implementing its program of apartheid Bosch welcomed it. read more

Book | The Essence of the Church by Craig Van Gelder

9780801090967Van Gelder, Craig. The Essence of the Church: A Community Created by the Spirit. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2000.

The Author

“At age 15, Craig Van Gelder made a personal profession of faith. Three years later as a freshman in college, he answered a call to Christian ministry. Since then he has focused on helping the church participate fully in God’s mission to bring salvation to all of life.

Following college, Van Gelder worked with The Navigators for 10 years in campus and discipleship ministries throughout the South. Then he changed focus and spent a decade working as a consultant to congregations, helping with strategic planning, organizational development and needs assessment. read more

Where Did the Term “Missional” Come From?

The term missional comes from the term mission: to go somewhere with a purpose. It is specifically used today as the latest iteration of how the church understands itself in regard to God’s relationship to the world and how God is working to redeem the world. The term is emerging as a result of the Western church coming to terms with its complicity in the colonization and oppression of the Global South throughout modern history. The Western church used to think of itself as the location in which people came to meet God. Missions was the task of the church to send particular people–called missionaries–out into the world to convert people and bring them into the church. Today, the missional church understands that the Triune God has a mission–missio Dei–to continually create and re-create and make all things new through the course of history. The church is gathered and sent by the Holy Spirit to be a sign to the world of what God’s way of loving co-existence and co-creativity–embodied in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus–looks like in the flesh. We don’t often do a good job of this, but it is the calling of the church to engage the neighbor in the love of Jesus, see what God is doing in the world, and join God there. read more