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So Close…

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Apparently dissertation writing is not horse shoes or hand grenades. You know the saying. “Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.”

I heard back from my advisor yesterday, regarding the second draft of my dissertation. “SO close,” she said. She challenged me to refine it a bit more. Weed out some extraneous authors, follow an unexplored connective thread, things like that. Today I will attempt to make sense out of her comments.

SO close…

The Digital Version of the Dissertation is Finished

Deep in the Burbs LogoOK, nothing on the web is every really finished. Plus, I am a compulsive tinkerer when it comes to my website. Yet, I have successfully posted every piece of my dissertation on the site, along with four years worth of research. If you would like to read the dissertation in its text-based, linear form, view the Table of Contents and click away! Otherwise, the Deep in the Burbs website is designed to let you, the reader, explore the data in your own way. Enjoy!

It is PhinisheD

thank you to Lona and Ethan for designing this image for this special moment in our history together.
thank you to Lona and Ethan for designing this image for this special moment in our history together.

I defended my dissertation yesterday, and PASSED!

It is PhinisheD!

This event marks the end of a 21 year journey. My Dad and I visited the Bethel Seminary campus and met with Dr. Clark to discuss entry into the In-Ministry program in the summer of 1994. We lived in Vegas and were visiting my parents to show off our tiny little Micki, only a month old. I had a wide-eyed dream to be able to teach college and help people grow in the love and grace of God.

Since that day I have journeyed side by side with many wonderful people. It started while I worked for Fasen Arts. Steve Fasen graciously allowed me–for two years–to share my attention with his business, the church, and school.  I walked 8 years with Central Christian Church while completing my M.Div. at Bethel Seminary, 5 years with Hart Haus while teaching at Bethany University in Las Vegas, 3 years floundering with Spot Studios while we transitioned to Minnesota, and 5 years journeying with Grace Lutheran Church while completing my PhD in Missional Leadership at Luther Seminary. read more

My Dissertation Blunder and the Geek Bliss Fix

I defended the dissertation last Friday. That was an interesting experience. It was, for the most part, a very life-giving and affirming event. There were a couple moments when I felt like I was getting punched in the gut, but, I guess that’s part of the process. (think Klingon pain stick ritual)

The three members of my panel each played different roles—a sort of Trinitarian thing. They were all very affirming to begin their statements, but then each played a different nuance of the grill-the-Candidate game. I might write about their different approaches in another post. read more