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Dedoose.com | Online Mixed-Methods Research Analysis Software

I’m in the midst of designing my research project and writing the methodology chapter for my dissertation proposal. I’m going to do Action Research and will be utilizing a mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) data. I had heard most people talk about NVivo as the software of choice for qualitative research, especially, so I went to check it out. Big problem! NVivo is Windows only. They said they are releasing a Mac version in late 2013, but that makes me nervous. So, I went on the hunt. read more

Are You Ready to Dream a New Rhythm of Life for the Suburbs?

Join us for a six-week adventure in dreaming a new dream for spiritual growth in the suburbs. A group of people from Grace Lutheran Church in Andover, MN, Zion Lutheran Church in Anoka, MN, and Faith Lutheran Church in Coon Rapids, MN is gathering to discuss, dream, and reimagine what spiritual formation might look like for busy suburban people. If you are interested in learning more, click the Join the Team button at the right.


The Social Trinity, Part 1: A Quick Overview

The Deep in the Burbs Research Project is off to a good start. The team has met twice and is gelling nicely. We’ve been wrestling with the nature and purpose of Spiritual Formation. This week we turn our attention to the Trinity. What is it? Does it matter? How does it relate to spiritual formation?

I have created a series of videos to introduce the conversation. This is the first video in that series. This video provides the basic overview of, what some theologians call, the Social Trinity. (view part 2) read more