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Is the Church Compromising?

imageSomeone recently handed me an issue of Decision magazine (May 2014). The front cover had a picture of a yellow warning sign with a graphic of a church that was teeteringĀ on the top of a crumbling foundation. The headline read “The Danger of Compromise.” I paged through this magazine and noticed that it was filled with middle-aged white men declaring that the world was going to Hell–and the church was going down with it–mostly because of the LGBT “agenda” and the denial of the “inerrancy of Scripture.” The magazine calls for the church to stop compromising with the world or else our very foundation will crumble. read more

Abide in Me | Plugged In


Here is an updated illustration of John 15:1-5. I’m trying to connect Jesus’ metaphor of the Vine to a contemporary metaphor of electricity. In John 15, the Creator is the Vinegrower, Jesus is the Vine, the Spirit is the power of life flowing from every direction, we are the branches, and the fruit is the result of the branch remaining in the vine.

In the contemporary metaphor, the Creator is the generator, Jesus is the power grid, the Spirit is the electricity, we are the power strip, and anything that uses electricity is the result of staying plugged in to the grid. read more