The Goslings are Here!

I found this image at
I found this image at

It happened. I saw five goslings today. I didn’t even know the geese had laid eggs yet. There has not been one nice day since the Monday after Easter. It has been cloudy, rainy, and cold. I walked several days in the cold, but I did not see any geese at my pond. Last week, on May 5th, I saw two geese circling the smaller pond about a quarter-mile up and across the road from my pond. I wondered if they were looking for a nest.

Today, of course, I didn’t bring my phone, so I missed my chance to take a picture of these little, yellow fluff-balls. I didn’t bring my phone because I have so much to do today–Confirmation interviews, Youth worship service, preaching, and my son’s last high school musical performance of his career–that I didn’t want to take the time to grab my phone or carry it with me.

Isn’t that how it works in our modern, suburban world. We are too busy. We miss the good stuff. I did take a moment to stand and watch the newborn gaggle. They didn’t seem too frightened by me. Again, I wonder if the parents recognize me. Probably not, but it’s a nice thought.

I observed two things about the geese today:

  1. There were three adults. One adult was about ten feet away from the other two. It (I have no idea of the gender) seemed to be standing guard. The other two adults were with the goslings, just hanging out. The number three hit me because there were three more adults at the end of the pond. One was standing apart from the other two. This trio did not have goslings, however. Yet, one of them was sitting in the grass, motionless. I wonder if there were eggs under there?
  2. I noticed that there were five goslings. I note the number because I want to see how many survive over the summer. I won’t have time to go back today, but hopefully it will be nice on Monday when I walk by there again. Maybe then I can get a picture. For now I grabbed a generic picture from the internet to have a visual marker for this update.

I reflect, again, on the busy-ness of life. My brain does not shut off. I am constantly working, trying to balance life as a husband, father, pastor, and full-time PhD dissertation-writer. The co-processors of my brain run so fast all the time that it is hard to simply sit. Even in the darkness of the morning hours, I find myself using my devotional time to write devotions for the youth website. I think this is a good exercise, and beneficial to my spirit, but it also launches my active ministry processor.

All the while, these little yellow fluff-balls crack through the shells of hidden eggs. New life breaks forth. It is life that has no concept of my digitally complex reality, and no care for it either. It is simple. I need to tap into that simplicity.