Book | Engaging Technology in Theological Education

jpegHess, Mary E. Engaging Technology in Theological Education: All That We Can’t Leave Behind Communication, Culture, and Religion Series. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005.

Dr. Mary Hess is my thesis advisor and is passionate about re-imagining religious education. This book explores how theological education might look as we move further into the digital age. She believes that digital technology is helpful for us to break down the hierarchies and power-structures of the modern academy and move toward a more embodied, communicative pedagogy.

Below are links to my annotated pages”

Chapter One – Rich Treasures in Jars of Clay: Theological Education in  Changing Times

Chapter Two – Searching for the Blue Fairy: Questioning Technology and Pedagogy in Theological Education

Chapter Six – Embodied Padagogies: Engaging Racism in Theological Education and Digital Cultures

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