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Article | Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City by Philip Sheldrake

Sheldrake, Philip. “Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City.” Spiritus 9, no. 2 (2009): 137-156.

“To be human embodies a common life and a common task…it is important to note the intimate link between human identity and a Trinitarian theology of God.” (138)
This article is important for my work. It addresses some of my main points: Trinity, Augustine, space and place, urban/suburban planning, interiority and exteriority in spirituality.



Article | Appropriating the Divine Presence: Reading Augustine’s On the Trinity as a Transformative Text by Edward Howells

Appropriating the Divine Presence Reading Augustine as Transformative my annotated copy

This article contributes to my case that I must delve deeply into Augustine’s On The Trinity. The paper I wrote back in the spring is proving to be a bit prophetic for the course of study. Here Howells helps me understand Augustine’s pre-modern understanding of the relationality of the trinitarian persons and the better understanding of interiority.

Dr. Edward Howells is a lecturer in Christian Spirituality at Heythrop College at the University of London read more

Book | Spirituality and Theology: Christian Living and the Doctrine of God by Philip Sheldrake


Spirituality and Theology by Philip Sheldrake

This book is a gold mine for my research. Sheldrake connects the contemporary study of Christian Spirituality directly to the Social Trinity. He also provides an excellent historical summary of why spirituality and theology have been estranged since the dawn of the modern era.

My Annotated Scan of the section  The Significance of Trinitarian Theology. (75-83) He defends Augustine against accusations of individualism.

The fundamental truth of our existence is that human beings and God are both rooted in mutual self-giving love. To exist consists of being-in-relationship. (78) read more

Paper | An Introduction to Relational Ontology by Wesley J. Wildman

This paper argues that there is value in a systematic philosophical approach to relations and surveys some of the major issues in the philosophy of relations. Rather than siding withrelational ontology over substantivist ontology, however, the paper argues that the best philosophical approaches are causal theories of relation in which both relations and entities take their rise from an ontologically fundamental causal flux. The causal theories of relation and entities discussed here are Neoplatonist participation metaphysics, Buddhist pratītya-samutpāda metaphysics, Whitehead’s process metaphysics, Peirce’s semiotic metaphysics, and Bohm’s implicate-order metaphysics, all of which require an approach to causation that extends far beyond commonsense concepts of causation. The paper illustrates the explanatory virtues of causal theories of relation in relation to the realms of fundamental physics, ordinary life, and religious faith. read more