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Book | The Action Research Dissertation

authors: Kathryn Herr
Gary L. Anderson

“unlike traditional dissertations that insist on a dispassionate, distanced attitude toward one’s research, acction research is often chosen by doctoral students because they are passionate about their topic, theiir setting, and coparticipants.” (xvii)

“action research is inherently interdisciplinary and seldom fits neatly into the norms of a particular discipline or field.” (2)

“The approach is only Action Research when it is collaborative, though it is important to realize that the Action Research of the group is achieved through the critically examined action of the individual group members.” (4-5) read more

Kindle, Highlights, Notes, and Evernote | Winning Combination for Dissertation Writing

I just made a huge discovery. I’m reading Augustine’s De Trinitate1 on my iPad Kindle app. The app allows you to highlight and take notes, which is nice. However, I have never been able to figure out how to copy text from the book and paste it in a document, if I want to quote it. I haven’t been able to…until today. read more

  1. Augustine. The Trinity. Translated by Edmund Hill. Vol. 5 The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century, Edited by John E. Rotelle. Brooklyn, NY: New City Press, 1990. []

Deep in the Burbs Gets a Makeover

cropped-DITB-Banner.jpgI had an inspirational conversation with my advisor–Dr. Mary Hess–this week. She is strongly encouraging me to create my dissertation in a visual format. A first step toward this is to make the Deep in the Burbs website my working, online dissertation. I streamlined some things and, hopefully, made this site less of a chaotic blog, and more of an interactive document. Start by clicking on Introduction, and then follow the logic.

I also decided to highlight the four topics that might be more attractive to the general user–meaning pastors and church leaders–in the boxes. These topics are Spiritual Formation, The Trinity, Missional Church, and The Suburbs. Most people aren’t that interested in cognitive developmental theories, philosophical hermeneutics, and relational ontology,┬ábut, hey, if you are, then there’s plenty of that here, too! read more

How to Use the Deep in the Burbs Website

Welcome to Deep in the Burbs. This video will show you the basic ways to navigate the site. If all else fails, go to the Introduction, and start there.

There are two basic audiences to whom this site is intended. The first is the academic world. This is my PhD dissertation. The main menu shows the key sections of the dissertation. Each section has its own sub-menu.

The second audience is the pastor and/or church leader. I have placed some key topics of interest in graphic buttons under the main menu. These topics are: Spiritual Formation, The Trinity, Missional Church, and The Suburbs. read more