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Finding the Entangled Trinity in the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20:1-19

The following is the manuscript from a sermon I wrote for this past weekend. I preached it at the Saturday night service and it did not go well as a spoken sermon. This is due partly to the fact that I didn’t follow my manuscript well and the projectionist got lost, and partly to the fact that it was just too much information for such a small amount of time. I simplified it and preached an alternate version on Sunday morning that seemed to flow better as a speech-act.

I post this version now because I think there is a sketch here for a future paper. This is an important connection between the Entangled Trinity1 and the Ten Commandments/Ten Words found in the Law of Moses. read more

  1. Simmons, Ernest L.. 2014. The entangled Trinity: quantum physics and theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press. []

The MeWe Principle Updated

I drew these sketches and wrote these words in August, 2012:
MeWe Trinity Image

MeWe Priniciple Notes

There is no I in this picture. The subject is not in the singular. God is inherently WE in God’s Trinitarian essence. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit collectively form the subject WE. God said, “We create humanity in our image, male and female we create them.”

The individual self is not the subject at all, but always in the accusative or dative form ME. We–the collective me’s, that is–have our being because we receive it from another. God creates me. You, fellow human, know me, love me, hate me, help me, hurt me. In the reception of the action the me is formed, for good or for evil. read more