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Article | No Trinity, No Mission by Gary Simpson

Simpson, Gary. “No Trinity, No Mission: The Apostolic Difference of Revisioning the Trinity.” Word and World, vol. XVIII, number 3, Summer 1998.
No Trinity No Mission – Simpson – flattened – my annotated copy of the article.

The Author

SimpsonGary Simpson is a professor of Systematic Theology at Luther Seminary on St. Paul, MN. He is also an ordained pastor in the ELCA.

My Thoughts

This article traces the history of Trinitarian thought in the west and demonstrates how, without the twentieth century resurgence of the social Trinity, a missional theology would not be possible. I especially appreciate Simpsons connection of social trinity to Luther’s theology of the Cross. read more

Article | Fruit of the Spirit by Gary Simpson

In this short essay–Fruit of the Spirit by Gary Simpson–Simpson1 claims that there is only one fruit of the Spirit. That is love. Love is like a stem cell and takes on whatever form the recipient needs in the moment. This is the communal discernment that the Spirit empowers.

I found this image at https://gs4nj.org/fruit-of-the-spirit-love/
I found this image at https://gs4nj.org/fruit-of-the-spirit-love/
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