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Half Way Through Phase One

The Deep in the Burbs Research Team has met three times out of the six scheduled meetings in Phase One of the project. We talked about the Social Trinity this past Monday. I created a series of videos designed to introduce the conversation around the Trinity as it has developed in Western Culture.

I must say that it was a very different dynamic from the first two meetings. Those meetings consisted of dynamic small group conversations, based on Peter Block’s 1-3-6 priniciple1 . This past meeting we watched a video, reflected individually, and then jumped right to large group discussion. It was amazing to see how some people in the group never spoke once. read more

  1. This is the process of inviting people to process a question individually, then in groups of three, then in groups of six. It allows everyone to contribute and feel empowered. read more… []

Progress Report for My Writing Sabbatical

JazzyNico_Air_traffic_control_Waypoint_triangle_2I passed a waypoint in my writing journey today. I finished writing the first draft of the Introduction, formatted it in final dissertation style, and sent it to my advisor.

I’ve been on a writing sabbatical for the past four weeks and have been working on multiple sections of the project. Today I felt like I needed to have one small sense of accomplishment, so I tweaked a couple dangling spots in the introduction and called it “good enough for a rough draft.”

I also reformatted the structure of the dissertation, so I spent a little time this morning reformatting the website to match. Now I have one section called Framing the Question┬árather than three sections for Theoretical Frames, Theological Frames, and Biblical Frames. I used the structure of the question itself as the outline. check it out… read more

Progress Report

Today I stop to take a breath. I have been running hard and fast since the day I returned from Sabbatical. There is an intense amount of work to do in late August and early September when leading Youth Ministry, Adult Ministry, preaching, and supervising Children’s Staff.

The last month has consisted of:

  • preaching three weeks in a row
  • The Table configuration and promotion
  • Catechism leaders training
  • Catechism 6th Grade orientation
  • Catechism Kick-off party
  • Recruiting new Catechism team members
  • Connecting with 40 Own Your Faith families and their mentors
  • creating 3 OYF videos for web and DVD (filming with green screen, editing, posting)
  • creating OYF membership website interface
  • processing OYF registrations (35 students and their mentors)
  • OYF mentor training
  • OYF Kick-off retreat (two nights, with a grand finale of parent blessing ceremony at the 10:30 service)
  • SaLT orientation
  • Dojo Kickoff and weekly meetings
  • Children’s ministry goal and budget planning
  • Vision Board presentation
  • brainstorming Bible Mania
  • transcribing 80 pages of audio recording from Research team sessions
  • completing rough coding of research data (1202 pages of transcripts, emails, and discussion forum posts)
  • being a single Dad for three weeks while my wife was in Denver helping our brother-in-law convelesce from surgery.

OK. Deep breath. Youth ministry has been successfully launched, thanks to an amazing team of volunteers and my ministry partner, Tom Baker. Without Tom, this would not happen.

Now it’s time to focus on Adult Ministry and my dissertation. The next six weeks will include: read more