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Working on Methodology

I have been working on quantitative and qualitative instruments for my dissertation proposal. I don’t want to post those questionnaires because, (1) I need to refine them first, and (2) they need to be reserved only for those who take them during the actual research.

I am currently writing the first draft of my research methodology design and will post it at the end of the week.

Dedoose.com | Online Mixed-Methods Research Analysis Software

I’m in the midst of designing my research project and writing the methodology chapter for my dissertation proposal. I’m going to do Action Research and will be utilizing a mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) data. I had heard most people talk about NVivo as the software of choice for qualitative research, especially, so I went to check it out. Big problem! NVivo is Windows only. They said they are releasing a Mac version in late 2013, but that makes me nervous. So, I went on the hunt. read more