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Four Sessions Done, Two to Go

The first phase of this research project is comprised of six consecutive Monday night meetings where all the Team members, from all three congregations, gather for a two-hour conversation. We completed our fourth session this past Monday. Next Monday we move to the third and final church building to meet for our final two Monday night sessions.

This has been a very good experience so far. I’ve been transcribing each session as they come, photographing any artifacts created during the session, and uploading everything to Dedoose. This way  I won’t have an enormous pile of data to enter at the end, and I’ll be able to focus on the coding process. It is intense, but good. read more

Working Definitions of Spiritual Formation from the Research Team

The Research Team came up with these definitions of Spiritual Formation during our second session.

Spiritual formation is to form my life, my daily thoughts and actions, always at least trying to be aware of the Holy Spirit and ever-present Father. Not just when I’m doing church things, but in my thoughts, words, and actions so that one day it will be me and part of me without needing to think of it, forming my very being by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A development of an intimate, personal relationship with God as demonstrated in our everyday lives. read more

Phase One is Finished!

I just finished transcribing the sixth and final large group session of the Deep in the Burbs Research Team. This marks the end of Phase One, a huge milestone in the project. Woo-hoo!celebrate.gif

Now the team figures out how to navigate the next seven months. This is the wonderfully messy part of the process.

One thing we are doing will be interesting. Everyone is keeping a journal and asking, “Where did I see God show up today?”

Can’t wait to see what happens!