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Book | The American Suburb by Jon C. Teaford

american-suburb-basics-jon-teaford-paperback-cover-artTeaford, Jon C. The American Suburb: The Basics. New York: Routledge, 2008. 

The Author

Jon C. Teaford is Professor Emeritus of Urban History at Purdue University. I was not able to find much biographical information about him. However, his students rated him extremely high on ratemyprofessors.com. One student said, “Dr. Teaford was the BEST teacher I ever had in my entire educational career and I am a teacher now because of HIM! He made history come to life and is one that I will always remember.” [1] read more

Book | Death by Suburb by David Goetz


The Author

goetzDavid Goetz is president of CZ Marketing, a creative strategy agency that repositions organizations for new growth. Dave is also the founder of www.RealityRN.com, a social media community for new nurses. Dave is the author of Death by Suburb (HarperCollins) and is working on a follow-up book tentatively titled, Jesus at Midlife, a spirituality for the second half of life. (http://www.qideas.org/contributors/david-goetz.aspx)ENIMAGE1359997158096











ENIMAGE1360168347967 read more



I am a suburban pastor. I love the suburbs and the busy suburbanites that live in them. It is my native environment and I would not trade it. However, I must confess something. It is difficult to be a suburban pastor. It is especially difficult to be a suburban pastor who is trying to cultivate spaces for spiritual formation and a missional imagination for a Lutheran congregation.

Suburbanites are busy people who are pulled in a hundred directions and feel immense societal pressures to be successful and productive in every area of life. Beyond that, they are expected to produce even more successful children. The suburban Lutheran family has the additional pressure to make sure that their children are not only the best in sports, academics, and the arts, but are also properly baptized, catechized, and confirmed along the way. Suburbanites find themselves running from one activity to the next, constantly trying to decide which is the most efficient use of their precious time to yield that greatest result to meet all of the expectations placed upon them. read more

Deep in the Burbs Workshop for Mid-Winter Convocation at Luther Seminary

Please pray for me tomorrow and Thursday. I will present a workshop at the Mid-Winter Convocation at Luther Seminary both days. This workshop is based on the Deep in the Burbs Project I did last year for the dissertation. This will be my first workshop in this new arena. butterflies…

Here is the Prezi.