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The Gospel and Suburban Youth Cultures by Steve Thomason

 The Gospel and Suburban Youth Cultures .pdf copy

The Gospel and Suburban Youth Cultures by Steve Thomason

A Term Paper Presented to Professors Mary Hess and Gary Simpson

Luther Seminary | As a Requirement in Course CL8530 Gospel and Culture

St. Paul, Minnesota | 2012


The general focus of my PhD study is on Spiritual Formation for the missional church in the context of middle-class United States suburbia. I am the Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Grace Lutheran Church (GLC)—an ELCA congregation—in Andover, MN, where I work with all ages trying to create spaces in which people can develop spiritually. My case study for this paper is focused on the high school youth group that I work with and a new curriculum/praxis that I developed for the students this fall called How Do I Fit? read more

Communicative Rationality Lived Out in High School Students

I had the amazing experience of watching communicative rationality play out among a group of high school freshmen yesterday. We held our annual Confirmation preparation day for this year’s confirmands. One of the big tasks for this day is to help the students create a group creed. This has not always gone well in the past. Typically it has been a very laborious and painful process that ends up with one or two students taking the project home and writing the final draft.

This year I decided to use Peter Block’s method of community building to empower the students to co-create. Here is how it worked. read more