The Art of Hosting

1I spent a good part of my day exploring The Art of Hosting. This is a collaborative process in which a host invites a group of people to gather around a set of questions and then facilitates a co-creative conversation that leads toward the harvesting of wise decisions. This is important for my research methodology as it will provide the chaordic1 process that is needed for the cohorts to be fruitful.

This article is a crash course on the Art of Hosting by Chris Corrigan.

Key voices in the Art of Hosting (from my first run-through):

Toke Moeller

Deborah Frieze

Chris Corrigan

Jerry Nagel

Tuesday Ryan-Hart

A Very Helpful Reading List

A Library of Videos Worth Watching

Some key points regarding Hosting:

Four-Fold Practice for Art of Hosting

  1. To be Present
  2. Participate – Practice Conversations
  3. Hosting Conversations – How are we going to go into the community and invite people into conversations. “What we practice is what our future will be like.” – Toke Moeller
  4. Co-Creation. Not hero-based leadership. Creating spaces for co-creation.

Four Faces of one practice–The Art of Hosting

Peer Circle

Inviting people into a circle helps connect the space between people. This concept connects to relational ontology and the heart of the social Trinity. This is an important connection to why my methodology is as important as my theoretical and theological frames.

Rules for Circle Host in Art of Hosting

  1. Speak with Intention
  2. Listening with Attention
  3. Take care of the group (good to have a circle guardian along with the host. There can also be a harvester.)
  1. a term that blends chaos and order together: Chaos + Order = Chaordic []

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  1. Steve you are amazing! Excellent summary of AOH. (Jerry led my training) Blessings as you continue to explore! 🙂

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