6 thoughts on “The Social Trinity, Part 3: The Modern I”

  1. The message of the Gospel that “Jesus is Lord” is exactly the message which the modern world needs to hear. For they are spending all of their energies pursuing the knowledge and truth of a material world that they themselves acknowledge is decaying and vanishing before their very eyes. In a big bang universe, the greatest achievement of science can never be the Star Trek vision of boldly exploring New worlds but rather can only ultimately be the historical recording of a vanishing universe. And in the end even that historical record, the greatest achievement of mankind, will be gone as well.

  2. “Jesus is Lord” declares the church! God is the creator of all things and he has broken down the barrier between heaven and earth. He has sent his only begotten son into this world to redeem the universe which is decaying because of sin. And it is this reality and it is this truth that will persist when all the stars and all the planets have vanished. God is preparing a new heaven and a new earth… And in the meantime, it is the task of the church to work at the task of restoring the present fallen world(even though it is passing away) to the pattern of righteousness it was first created for.

  3. In a world that is decaying and passing away power and wealth and even worldly knowledge have ever decreasing worth. But faith and righteousness, hope and love abide.

  4. The cross of Christ is nothing but foolishness to the world. And it is no doubt foolishness to the world as well for me to declare that I am redeemed and forgiven and loved by God. Or to say as St Paul does that the Triune God has come down from the mountaintop to take up residence in me as I walk about in the heavenly realms upon this earth.

  5. Ok… Perhaps one might argue that the Milky Way itself doesn’t appear to be expanding because of the effects of gravity. That is true, and yet there is no denying that we are on a dying planet revolving around a dying sun living in a galaxy that is clearly on collision course with the Andromeda and part of a universe that is expanding exponentially. And yet the Good News is that Jesus is Lord and that He is calling us to a discipleship that is marked by both restoration and recreation.

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