Article | Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City by Philip Sheldrake

Sheldrake, Philip. “Spirituality and Social Change: Rebuilding the Human City.” Spiritus 9, no. 2 (2009): 137-156.

“To be human embodies a common life and a common task…it is important to note the intimate link between human identity and a Trinitarian theology of God.” (138)
This article is important for my work. It addresses some of my main points: Trinity, Augustine, space and place, urban/suburban planning, interiority and exteriority in spirituality.



Sketches of Spiritual Formation

This sketch depicts the problem with traditional Western imagination regarding the God/human relationship. It is based upon Platonic dualism and Aristotelian ideas of actualization. God is perfect and the gap between God’s perfect agency and humanity’s imperfect (fallen) patiency needs to be mended. The gap is closed through the atonement, thus providing the means of grace. Various spiritualities emphasized whose agency is responsible for the ascent of the human subject (I) up the ladder to increasing levels of actualization. This is an individualistic endeavor with an end goal of total abandonment of physical place.
This shows a more polycentric, trinitarian, non-linear portrayal of spiritual formation. The triune God creates all things out of God’s essence (relational ontology) and continually draws all things into deeper love-of-the-other. The incarnation is necessary in order to ground God’s love in the necessity of particularity for the demonstration of complete other-oriented love. The Spirit indwells all things and draws all things to deeper knowing of the incarnation and the source, and is the power that allows each “Me” to lovingly participate and be formed in the “we.”
This is a really rough sketch in which I'm trying to place four different matrixes to see if there is any correlation. I'm not sure if this will go anywhere.
This is a really rough sketch in which I’m trying to place four different matrixes to see if there is any correlation. I’m not sure if this will go anywhere. | Online Mixed-Methods Research Analysis Software

I’m in the midst of designing my research project and writing the methodology chapter for my dissertation proposal. I’m going to do Action Research and will be utilizing a mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) data. I had heard most people talk about NVivo as the software of choice for qualitative research, especially, so I went to check it out. Big problem! NVivo is Windows only. They said they are releasing a Mac version in late 2013, but that makes me nervous. So, I went on the hunt. read more